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Detecting an object or feature in a video or digital image opens endless opportunities for all enterprises. Identifying social trends, monitoring in-house operations and tracking sell-out systems are only a few applications powered by Computer Vision

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wrnch AI

wrnch is an AI platform to digitize human motion and behaviour from standard video.wrnch is an AI/computer vision/deep learning company based in Montreal, Canada (a renowned hub for AI, special effects and game technology). The wrnch team has a wide range of skills, from deep learning to computer vision engineering to hard-core C++ game development. A post-revenue startup, wrnch was founded by a successful serial visual computing entrepreneur and is supported by knowledgeable and pragmatic investors including Mark Cuban.

Leben Care Technologies Pte Ltd

Leben Care's Netra.AI is an comprehensive retinal diagnostic and screening platform for Ophthalmology. It transforms Retinal Screening (in individual outpatient settings or mass screening platforms) with a scalable, low cost, fast and accurate automated risk profiling powered by Artificial Intelligence!

ParallelDots, Inc.

This company has no description.

Lazarus Enterprises

According to Mckinsey in 2016, the potential value that AI could bring to businesses was between 3.5 and 5.8 Trillion dollars. Of that value, only 48 billion was capitalized on, mostly by larger companies, about 1 percent. We believe that AI should work for every company, even those with smaller R&D budgets. Stop leaving money on the table, talk with us about how AI can work for you. We leverage the best talent (we're located between MIT, Harvard, and Tufts) to help you build your business.


This company has no description.

InData Labs

InData Labs is a professional services firm delivering AI-powered software and technical solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

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