Flowcast offers an enterprise-scale machine learning (ML) platform that provides a unique and effective approach to credit decisions. Our API-based solution all

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Flowcast leverages its patented machine learning algorithms to create high-performing predictive models that reduce risk and unlock credit to businesses. our models have demonstrated high accuracy in predicting the ability of a business to repay its loans, the likelihood of dilution, and the risk of delinquency. our api based ml model actively predicts the changes in behaviors based on the activities within the supply chain ecosystem. always improving flowcast’s ml platform empowers risk professionals to gain the benefits of transfer learning. it was designed to help rapidly analyze complex datasets to drive more accurate and auditable risk models. our ml solution allows access to insights that are captured through experience working with risk professionals around the world, uncovering intricacies of supplier and buyer behavioral dynamics. api first you can invoke an api call in real time to get predictive results integrated into existing erp rules engines and workflow tools. the ml platform can be deployed in public or private cloud infrastructures. explainable there are regulatory requirements to be able to explain, in human terms, how certain decisions were reached. the ability to explain the predictive output is equally important to the accuracy of the prediction itself. the rise of complex ml models makes explainability a key element in ai. validated flowcast requires our models to perform well in a real-world setting. this means that we carefully assess the out-of-sample and out-of-time sampling in our validation set and compare it against the in-time training set. it’s important to have accurate assessments of future performance in production.

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Flowcast provides an AI platform to automate and power smarter credit decisions. Our customers can now have greater visibility to address the underserved market.

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