The Netra.AI API is intended to help qualified healthcare professionals with the analysis of the human retina.


Product Descriptions

When using netra api, the user must be aware of the following: is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diabetic retinopathy or any other disease; is to be used as an ancillary tool by qualified eye care professionals; leben makes no claims as to the effectiveness of to treat or prevent any medical condition; is designed to be used with images from a fundus camera approved by the relevant regulatory authorities, e.g. ce in europe, fda in the united states; user should ensure that the fundus camera is well maintained and is free of dust or other particles or reflections in the image that may appear as artifacts on a retinal image, and might cause any potential misinterpretation of such image; and user should ensure that netra api and any other software used to visualize retinal images is used in an appropriate viewing environment, e.g. optimal lighting and free of distraction, so that details in the image may be appropriately viewed. fundus image quality posterior pole macula centered color fundus image with 45 degree fov with a clear view of optic disc. no shadows or reflections main vessels clearly visible image in focus with clear and sharp view of retinal anatomy no external artifacts, reflections, flashes in the image right exposure, without blown out or dark underexposed areas rgb colorspace requirements for fundus cameras field of view: min 45° to max 50° type of image capture: full color image iso 10940:2009 ce-marking (for eu): 93/42/eec (medical device directive) minimum resolution 1.3 mp(1280 x 1024 pixels) and maximum file size 5 mb netra api supports jpeg , png , tiff and dicom (coming soon) image format . exclusion cataract, other corneal or vitreous abnormalities that can impede a clear view of retina

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Leben Care Technologies Pte Ltd

Leben Care's Netra.AI is an comprehensive retinal diagnostic and screening platform for Ophthalmology. It transforms Retinal Screening (in individual outpatient settings or mass screening platforms) with a scalable, low cost, fast and accurate automated risk profiling powered by Artificial Intelligence!

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