Optimus Price Assistant

An intelligent assistant helps you manage catalog, purchases, stock and pricing

Product Descriptions

Always set the best price optimus price allows you to set pricing strategies for each product based on competitors, demand, stock, costs, seasonality, and more. never sell below cost again our pricing engine analyzes multiple variables to avoid pricing mistakes. one step ahead of your customers optimus prices predicts demand by analyzing stock, seasonality, product lifecycle, promotions and more. detect stock-outs in advance with optimus price you can avoid stock-outs while reducing safety stock. our ai will notify you before stock-outs happen so you can react on time. smart, advanced, dynamic optimus price allows you to set rules for all products in your catalog. you can work by categories or brands, but also by stock levels, cost, vendors, season, and more. optimus price is always up to date avoid classic errors like setting prices below cost and mis-managing categories. with optimus price your catalog, prices, and vendor data will always be in sync. finally, a solution that is both smarter and easier to use than excel. can you imagine managing your store with a tabulated sheet? of course not. you use excel, a powerful tool. once you start using optimus price, going back to excel will feel like a tabulated sheet. get alerts before something bad happens get predictive alerts before mistakes happen. receive accurate financial forecasts. analyze the impact of your campaigns.

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Optimus Price

Dynamic pricing is a very powerful tool that empowers pricing managers to optimize prices with dynamic pricing based on sales and demand. Thanks to advanced machine learning models it's now possible to totally automate the pricing process, using prices based on sales and demand, and therefore increasing margins and sales, and saving money on operative costs.

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