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Accelirate’s rda90x program is a 90-day accelerator designed to jump-start robotic desktop automation (rda) programs by delivering 3-5 complete desktop automation modules within 90 days. desktop automation or attended bots are digital assistant automations built to help the human as they work. different from rpa bots, rda bots work simultaneous to its human counterpart by completing parts of a process after a human action triggers the bot. these types of automations are critical for time savings in call centers, front-office tasks, and for processes that cant be entirely executed without human decisions. the proven accelirate e^3 strategy is carried out by an rda90x delivery pod of automation analysts and developers to transform a client’s automation program through the addition of desktop bots. the rda90x methodology and delivery pod includes 2 months of 3 dedicated automation business analysts and 1 month of 3 dedicated automation developers enforcing the e^3 (evaluate, execute, enable) structure. this provides the client a structured roadmap to a robotic desktop automation program capable of assisting around 1,000 employees simultaneously.

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