Shelfwatch For Traditional Trade

ShelfWatch understands the complex environment in which the SKUs are merchandised in traditional trade and can deliver KPIs such as distribution, paid visibilit

Product Descriptions

What is traditional trade? traditional trade is a spread-out distribution network of small retailers, dealers, distributors, etc in an intricate network serving localized customers through regular orders. features & components data collection on-device blur detection get real-time image quality check in case of blurry or faulty images to reduce rejection rate of images. off-line mode images can be clicked even in a no-internet zone without hindrance and can be uploaded once an internet connection is available. reporting & visualisation integration shelfwatch easily integrates with multiple sfa and dms apps. all our salient features such as real-time image quality check and real-time shelf insights work perfectly in the integrated solution supervisor console benchmark the performance of your sales rep and help them improve their kpis. monitor store-level issues and send alerts to sales teams. corporate dashboard shelfwatch’s detailed insight dashboard provides competitive analysis by count, presence, shelf area covered by skus and posms, brand presence across stores, and geographical breakdown over a map overlay differentiators scalable 1m+ images analyzed from different traditional trade outlets flexible flexible to deploy and scale based on business needs improved data collection blur or faulty image detection high accuracy 98%+ accuracy on sku level without requiring large sets of training data cost effective dramatically lower costs due to fewer resources required in setting up shelfwatch

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